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Video of Aaron Rodgers and the Badgers celebrating another win! Yes this is a repeat from 4 days ago.

by Jon Henseler

3 videos that sum up Saturday night beautifully. First of all, I'm guessing that 90% of Wisconsin sports fans got their first taste of Charles Barkley as a studio analyst on Saturday. Gonna just go out on a limb and say not a lot of people are tuning into NBA on TNT coverage in the state and the Bucks haven't played a nationally televised game that anyone has cared about in 13 years. Hell there's a decent shot that there are more readers of this blog than there are people watching a mid-week NBA game in this state (actually a 40% chance that's true). So with that said, Chuck meet Wisconsin, Wisconsin meet Chuck. Dude is without question the best studio analyst in the game. He should be on EVERY pre and post game show regardless of sport. Football, basketball, golf, quidditch, whatever. Nobody is more on-point with in game analysis and nobody is funnier than Chuck. That halftime bit with Kaminsky had me dying on Saturday and then the remix after the game where they worked in his reaction to the game was priceless. Sir Charles with a Frank Kamisky Shiva Blast at the end was brilliant. KAAAMIINNSKYYYY! Chuck doing Chuck things and entertaining the world. Dude was so good he almost hijacked the fact that the Badgers made it to the Final Four.

And as far as the game, what a moment watching Bo Ryan get carried off by his team like Xerses at the end with a Final Four net. Nobody deserves it more than Bo. Dude has been consistently one of the best coaches in college basketball the past three decades and he still gets the Rodney Dangerfield treatment from a lot of fans. Dude gets less respect than Obamacare from some fans. Absolutely boggles my mind. So not only was it great to watch the team get back to the Final Four, it made it sweeter that Bo is the coach and he gets to silence some of his critics. Sure I looked like that chick who watched The Ring by the end of the game, but it was all worth it.

Also, the NCAA has GOT to do something about the amount of reviews that have taken place in this tournament. And not just that but the amount of time it takes to review them. Like I get that you want to get it right but there have to be some guidelines. I can't comprehend how college football and the NHL have it figured out and every other major sport can't seem to grasp it. Have one centralized office where all reviews are sent and have some independent official (preferably dressed like Ed Harris from The Truman Show) make a call. Don't leave it up to the actual game officials staring at a 13 inch TV/VCR combo TV on the sideline trying to determine if someone touched a ball on it's way out of bounds. And you will NEVER convince me that Tre Jackson touched that ball on Saturday. Never. As a rule of thumb if you have to study a replay like the Zapruder film 345435 times over before you make a call, the call should stand as it was originally signaled. Can you imagine if Arizona hits a shot at the end and walks off to the Final Four after that call? Madness/a lot of internet complaining. Oh and I think I might have an idea as to why Sam Dekker had trouble getting the ball in:

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