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Video of Cowboys/Raiders scrimmage brawl.

by Jon Henseler

Watch out folks we've got a donnybrook at an NFL scrimmage! Don't tell the Raiders and Cowboys it's only mid August. These two teams are playing a pick-up game like it's late December! Which is good because for both of them it probably is. Hell the match that lit this candle was probably a little trash talk about who was going to underachieve more. 'We're going to start 2-9 and then win 4 of our last 5 to give our fans hope for next year!' 'Oh yeah well we're going to go 8-5 and then lose our last 3 and just miss out on the playoffs again!' Classic.

That said though I guess eventually a Cowboy player and a Raider fan got into it. Honest question: if you had to go in the ring and go one on one with a Raider fan or player which one you got? I think it's got to be player right? Those fans just strike me as absolute wild cards. Worst case scenario if you fight a player is you get knocked out in the first 10 seconds. Worst case scenario when you fight someone that looks like this is you get murdered and then when you come to you get murdered again. And getting double murdered will just flat out ruin your day. So I'm not sure the 6th string cornerback for Dallas deciding to get into with a crowd that looks like a cast of extras from Mad Max is a well thought out plan.

PS: Also here's Tony Romo being interviewed afterwards about the fight. I guess Tony and I have one thing in common, we both spend the summer not doing Crossfit. Take that Tony! Now go back to your supermodel wife and 100 million dollar contract!

Double PS: I know I take a lot of cheap shots at the Cowboys but Jess posted a picture of the Packer cheerleaders from back in the day when we actually had 'professionals':

Now nothing against these fine ladies but I'll grant Dallas this, they may not have the franchise wins, HOF-ers or titles that we do, but they've got the edge in the cheerleader department.

Also over/under on the number of these women that Don Majkowski made a move on is set at (counts everyone in photo) 26.