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Video of Lucroy's bomb complete with Uecker's walkoff call!

by Jon Henseler

First of all; does it get any better than Bob Uecker calling a walk off home run in the heat of a pennant race? I'll take 'things that you answer no to' for $500 Alex*. The sudden rise in his voice, the 'GET UP, GET UP, GET OUTTA HERE GONNNNNE,' the fact that he even (sort of) gave the score, it's all glorious. Honest to God I think a really big part of why I want this to 'be the year' is because of Ueck. Like I want a World Series championship for a lot of reasons, the bragging rights, the parade, the fact that I laid straight cash homey on them at 35:1 before they signed Garza, but I think one of the biggest reasons is that I want the title for Uecker and I want to hear him call this franchise's first championship. And if we're being honest I'm not sure how open that window is. Bob just turned 80 this past year and for the first time ever he went to a shortened schedule of games. Not saying he's cashing out anytime soon but unless he's a vampire or an adult Highlander (the latter of which I have a working hypothesis about but it's a little heavy and you probably should be on at least a low dose of Xanax to fully comprehend it) I'd say we're looking at maybe 6-8 more seasons. But that's how much Mr. Baseball means. If we won a title in 20 years and he wasn't there to call it (again, Highlander theory excluded) it just wouldn't be the same.

With that said, in the immortal words of Chris Farley, last night WAS AWESOME! Had a buddy of mine post the video of CC on a friend's Facebook page and I think he said something poignant. Paraphrasing but it was to the effect of 'whenever the Brewers get you down this year remember how fun it was to watch them with no expectations. Also when the Brewers get you down check out this Strange Brew blog daily. It doesn't help you feel better in that the writing is good but it makes you feel better like you just donated to a charity with your click.' Again, paraphrasing. But that the expectation thing is absolutely true. Expectations ruin everything. Like when I got a college degree my parents had expectations that I'd pay them back with both money and pride. False on both accounts. Expectations are also the reason that Packer fans last year were calling for people to be fired when we were 6-7-1 and a game out of first despite the fact that our MVP quarterback was hurt most of the year. But last night felt like one of those games from 2008, where we were just enjoying the ride and whatever happened happened. Hopefully a dramatic win like that can get the team back to playing the way it was from April-June. Plus we got a HUGE win from the Rays in St. Louis and against Wainwright. Dude was serving up pipe shots like he was pitching to Jeter all night last night. Actually scratch that. It was probably Lucroy's fault.

*$100 Clue: Mystery Shots

$200 Clue: Low Flow Shower Heads

$300 Clue: Anything involving Skip Bayless

$400 Clue: Free drinks offered by Ben Roethlisberger

PS: It was Trebek's birthday yesterday. One of my favorite clips:

'It's Elaine not Elaine you idiot.' Be more ruthless Trebek you can't.