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Video of woman hearing for the first time is tremendous stuff.

by Jon Henseler
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Saw this video this morning and started crying big boy tears. Knowshon Moreno tears . Just kind of puts things in perspective you know? Like the other night I was at the Brewer game and had an idea of a Facebook status pop into my head. Trouble was my phone has social anxiety and doesn't work when I'm at stadiums. We actually suffer from the same affliction in that regard. Anyhow I couldn't help but start to pity myself and my first world problem. Like here I am with a dynamite status update and I'm handcuffed. Absolute night-ruiner. But then I came in today and saw this on The Chive (FLBP amiright fellas?!). Like here I am walking around like Charlie Brown with my head hung because I couldn't write a status update that probably would have gotten 4 likes* and this woman is crying tears of joy because through the miracle of technology she is hearing the word 'April' for the first time. Amazing stuff. Doesn't mean my problem wasn't totally without merit but this certainly minimalized it.

*If I write a status update that gets 3 likes or less I take it down after 20 minutes. Can't have my reputation as a moderately humorous, fairly shallow person take a hit due to a clunker status update. It's like a scarlet letter on your wall for all to see. So somewhere out there Zuckerberg has literally hundreds of awful status updates I've deleted over the years. Put them all together and you'd have the least funny, grammatically incorrect book of all time.