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Vikings single game tickets went on sale yesterday and it was ELECTRIC!

by Jon Henseler

Ain't no party like a Viking's ticket party cause a Viking ticket party don't stop! Throw a tent on this circus! I mean this has to be the easiest blog I've ever written. This is a chip shot field goal to win the game. This is an open court layup with time expiring. This is Kim Kardashian. I'm not even sure what else needs to be said. I heard on a sports radio station on my drive home yesterday that there was only ONE person in line to buy single game Viking's tickets and that there was a photo of him and I couldn't drive home fast enough to look at it. Threw my emergency blogging siren on the top of my Jeep so I didn't have to go the speed limit or stop at lights (turns out blogging sirens don't actually allow you to do any of that....lesson learned). But I was genuinely the first time I've been excited since the Packers won the Super Bowl four years ago. And you know how a lot of the time things don't live up to the expectations you build in your mind? Like anti-skip protection on CD players back in the day or Crystal Pepsi or adult life in general. This is not one of those things. This is one dude in line at an NFL team's ticket office playing Candy Crush by himself waiting to buy tickets for a game. And I know it's not but he vaguely looks like Greg Jennings so I'm going to assume it's him. Too perfect. Meanwhile at Lambeau yesterday:

15,000 'stockholders' sat and listened to Ted Thompson deliver a speech that makes Joe Buck sound like William Wallace.

PS: I honestly have no idea why no one at the ticket office just brought this dude inside to hide the fact that ONE person desired single game tickets enough to show up in person. You had to know that media would catch wind of it and make a mockery of your organization. Wake up Minnesota, marketing in the digital age 101.

Double PS: Missed my 3rd straight stockholder meeting since becoming an owner. Anyone know what they said our stock was worth now?