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Watermelon Oreos?

by Jon Henseler

JunkFoodGuy - As soon as I bit into one of these Limited Edition Watermelon Golden Oreos, I got an immediate light watermelon taste.  I’ll just say it right off the bat….I liked these.  A LOT.  These DIDN’T overwhelm me with artificial (well, overly artificial) watermelon flavor.  Instead the immediate taste I got was a watermelon taste that tasted like, frankly, it had been blended with creme. So imagine a watermelon ice cream, emphasis on the cream.  Light and refreshing – sort of reminded me of  these old school watermelon ice cream cakes I’ve had in the past that looked like this. The Golden Oreo added a nice buttery sweetness to the whole thing. I am, frankly, SHOCKED.  These were good, REALLY good.  They didn’t have the overbearing sweetness that the Candy Corn Oreos or the Blizzard Oreos or even the Birthday Cake Oreos had.  No, these were subtle in flavor, with just enough watermelon to make me smile.  GOOD WORK, OREO. 

First of all, JunkFoodGuy has to be the greatest idea of all time. Like all this bro does is eat junk food and and blog and podcast about it. What a great time we live in where that is a sustainable career. Remember when 20 years ago a high school guidance counselor would tell you to 'do what you love' and you'd be like 'but I love sports, eating Oreos and napping.' Well THAT is a career now!  This guy reviewed these Watermelon Oreos but in the past week he's also reviewed Chips Ahoy Sweet and Salty, Chipotle Cheez It's, and the new Dunkin' Donuts Glazed Egg Breakfast Sandwich. Sure he might get diabeetus but he's also living the dream. You do you JunkFoodGuy.

Now all that being said, I don't care what JunkFoodGuy says, there's no way I'm buying a box of these Watermelon Oreos. Maybe if a buddy of mine has them I'd TRY one, but if I'm in the cookie aisle and Watermelon Oreos are sitting there next to classic Double Stuff I'm taking Double Stuff 100 times out of 100. Plus I'm not really a big watermelon guy anyway. The best watermelon product I ever had was the watermelon flavored Bubbalicious when I was a kid:

Smelled great, tasted great for 4.6 seconds, and didn't have a single, real watermelon part to it.

PS: You know what cookie I miss? Keebler Magic Middles. Absolute fire cookie. How they got discontinued is a mystery that still haunts me to this day. Come on JunkFoodGuy! Use your junk food celebrity to bring these back!