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Wei-Chung Wang and the Brewer bullpen going Wang Chung Tonight. It's our year!

by Jon Henseler

Yes! Yes! Yes! Look I know at the end of the day the most important parts of a championship caliber baseball team are an above average starting rotation, hitters coming through with timely RBI's and a lock-down bullpen. That's all obvious stuff. But if you've watched any sport in your life you know that team chemistry is as important, if not more important than any of those aforementioned elements. You've got to have a locker room that has unique personalities who all get along, have fun together, can pull pranks and still grab a beer afterward. Why do you think the Lou Brown led Cleveland Indians had such success? They had had a power hitting insurance agent who worshiped a rum god, they had a super old Christian pitcher, they had the enigmatic closer powered by tiger blood, a wiley old catcher hardened by tough luck and Rene Russo's scorn. and a manager who motivated the team by putting a life size strip-o-gram of the team owner.

Now am I suggesting Ron Roenicke remove an article of clothing from a life size fathead of Mark Attanasio? No/possibly. But things like that 'Happy' video that came out a week ago, and our adopted dog Hank and now our adopted 21 year old Chinese reliever are all good starts. Best record in baseball at 16-6 and the Buttercream Gang behind the scenes. Not a bad April.

PS: I don't want to take the shine off of Wang here because this is probably the most relevant thing he's done as a major leaguer so far besides sport an ERA higher than the combined Wonderlic of the top three picks in the NFL draft, but Tyler Thornburg sort of hijacks the video doesn't he? I actually think he did the same thing in that 'Happy' video. And I know a buddy who got an autograph from him that he signed 'Me So Thorny.' Seems like a solid dude to grab a beer with no?

Double PS: Brewers have more wins in one month than the Bucks had all year. As a Brewer fan, that's awesome. As a Bucks fan: