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Wei Chung Wang Wednesday's: Final Four Edition

by Jon Henseler

I know I said this last week (and the week before)(and the week before)(and spoiler alert probably next week too) but in this day and age I am borderline shocked that the bullpen has been able to keep this routinely entertaining week in week out. Like the internet has the attention span of a fruit fly with ADD and still somehow these are entertaining the masses. And these videos ABSOLUTELY played into Wei not getting cut and sent back to Pittsburgh about a week ago. Kid has a 12.86 ERA but 4 viral videos. Wily Peralta has a 2.17 ERA and 0 viral videos. You tell me who's more important.

PS: How was Evan Anderson not in this video? They had to be worried he'd hijack the whole thing right? Only explanation. Before you know it it would be Evan Anderson Irish Jig Wednesday's and Wei Chung would be old news. Evan 'Mr. Steal Yo Internet Spolight' Anderson. I suppose I can understand that but I still think it's a travesty he wasn't involved.

Double PS: "Pony" remix is Fire Flames of Mordor hot.

Triple PS: That might be Evan in the way back but I'm too lazy to delete the original PS. #bloglife