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Wei Chung Wang Wednesday's make highly anticipated return!

by Jon Henseler

WCWW is back baby! After a week hiatus we get the latest edition mere minutes ago. And they seem to be getting a little more sophisticated? Like the early incarnations were just straight up dancing for 30 seconds. Now there's a little acting and some plot involved. Truth be told I'm not sure I really follow this one. Guy dressed in a monkey suit, zoo keeper, Wang Chung Tonight music. Kind of feel like I watched a Stanley Kubrick film and missed the point entirely. But no matter. The bottom line is that Brewers fans had a fever and the only prescription was more WCWW!

Also I think as a fan-base we need to just accept the fact that Wang is going to be on this roster the entire year. If they were going to cut him and send him back to Pittsburgh it would have happened already. Now I guess there's a loophole to the Rule 5 rules where once he's on the roster through June we can hide him on the DL with a 'arm fatigue' or ' uromysitisis ' or whatever and that way we can clear his roster space for the rest of the year. Let's hope so because in an ideal world you don't want to be chasing a pennant with a guy in your bullpen that is only usable when you're down by 6 or more runs late. In the words of Ron Burgundy, that doesn't make sense . I guess I can sort of see the potential when he's in there but he's just in over his head. I can't name another player that has successfully made the one year transition from rookie ball to the Major Leagues but I'd imagine you could list them all in a single Tweet. And in that way I do sort of feel for the kid. Making that leap in baseball would be like me writing a 2,000 word op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal on campaign finance reform based on my blogging experience. It's essentially impossible. So here's to hoping he keeps cranking out viral videos until we can hide him on the DL of the rest of the year.

PS: Who drew the short straw to be in the monkey costume? I'm betting that's Marcus Hanel. What an awesome job that guy has. Makes 6 figures to warm up relief pitchers. Gets a big league jersey, get to eat and hang out with pro baseball players all day and has literally no pressure on him. He's not coming up to bat with the bases loaded and 2 down in the 9th inning of a playoff game. He's not letting a passed ball cost his team a late run in the World Series. Bullpen catcher is pound for pound the best job on the planet.