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Wei Chung Wang Wednesday's strike again: Racing Sausage edition.

by Jon Henseler

WCWW is back baby! Honestly I feel like it's a little pathetic that I sit around clicking refresh on the Brewers Facebook page every Wednesday waiting for these videos like it's some sort of internet-Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring but it is what it is.

And this is the best and most viewed WCWW yet! Say what you will about what Wang will become in terms of a Major League pitcher but he has already solidified his internet fame. Dude has been internet famous for 3 straight weeks which is almost impossible in 2014. 21 straight days of relevance on the 'net (blogger slang try and keep up) is a Cal Ripken-esque streak. Now eventually these will get old (?) but he's already tracking as a first ballot viral video HOFer. And when you combine that with the fact that he's a left handed pitcher who can throw 95-97 mph you could make a strong case that his earning potential far exceeds that of about anyone else on the planet. 21 years old and already a cake-eater for life. Props Wei.

PS: Bernie nearly hijacked this video with his 'Bernie' but then Wang busted out that ninja roll at the end to reclaim the spotlight-iron throne. Gotta sort of feel for Bernie though. Guy's been grinding as the mascot for three decades and all of a sudden a stray dog/mop and a 21 year old Chinese reliever have stolen his shine. Kind of feels like that 55 year old executive at an investment firm that is taking a backseat to his new 30 year old boss. You know what Bernie needs to do? Find wherever that old Sentry Beer Mug is that he used to slide into and put it back at the end of his slide. That would get people buzzing on Bernie again. Come on Bernie! It comes down to a simple choice really: get busy living or get busy dying (metaphorically)(I don't think metaphor means what I think it means).