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What a week in Packer Nation, Cutler 7 more years!

by Jon Henseler

(total aside but how much do I miss C-Wood.....I know we couldn't pay him the 11 million or whatever we owed him but you can't convince me he's still not an upgrade with the way our safeties played this year....I'd take a Woodson Fathead over MD Jennings during parts of this season)

What a week in Packer nation! First we get our MVP QB back, then we knock out our hated rival at their house with a division championship on the line, then said rival locks up a turnover machine until 2020. To quote Daniel Bryan in an attempt to remain relevant to people under the age of 30, 'yes! yes! yes !

Now the only thing we have to make sure happens before 3pm is a sellout at Lambeau so we don't get blacked out on local TV. Crazy right? Like I've written blogs about guys that spent their life savings on carnival games, guys that dress and act like dogs all day, and two brothers stabbing each other over mac and cheese, and the sentence that lead this paragraph is EASILY the craziest thing I've written. Now my guess is that a lot of this has to do with the fact that the wind chill is going to be -20 and the state overall right now makes Hoth look like a beach-side resort, but still, mind boggling that we're talking about blackouts like we're the Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm sure the tickets will get sold but I am amazed that we're stretching it to the deadline like a college kid trying to finish a term paper.* 

*D+ metaphor but I'm still hungover from Tuesday so it is what it is. Also I'm 80% sure I still owe at least one professor a paper from my time at UWSP and I graduated in 2006. And if Professor Tolstedt is reading this blog, I've got a family emergency that came up so I'll touch base next week.

PS: Mayor of Butthurt City: