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Why this season is sneaky one of the best in Bucks franchise history.

by Jon Henseler

Well in case you missed it yesterday the Bucks were the biggest story in the state as Mr. Burns/Herb Kohl decided to finally sell the franchise he bought back in 1985. I knew something was up when the Bucks had a slot in the first 15 minutes of the 5pm Sportscenter. I figured it was either about a potential sale or Lebron accidently said something about the Bucks or Tim Tebow flew through Milwaukee. Luckily it was the first. Because for fans who have suffered with this team for the past 2 and a half decades this is the first step to getting back some legitimacy to a franchise that used to not only win, but win consistently and draw well at every home game*. I heard someone compare the Bucks from the late 80's-now as the Packers from 1970-1992 and I think it's spot on. Basically the last 30 years of Bucks basketball can be put into two categories; total crap and somewhat palatable. With the scales of justice tipping HEAVY in the total crap side. So for those looking for fresh blood, fresh perspective and hopefully a fresh arena, the sale from Kohl to Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry is a good sign (we think)(pretty sure at least)(please God).

Now I don't know much about Wesley Edens but one thing I LOVE about Marc Lasry is that he made a lot of his money as a gambler. Take it from a degenerate, when you have money on a team, you will do literally ANYTHING to get them to win. Which is precisely why Pete Rose should be in the HOF. Hell I actually think all players in the NBA should be forced to bet on their own team to win for every game. Might make those November games mildly entertaining. But the fact that he's a gambler who supposedly has ties to the Russian mob is worth 10 more wins a years minimum. It's like Teddy KGB is running our franchise. Plus I'm sure he has henchmen and henchmen can be valuable when it comes to swaying votes for, oh I dunno, a new arena partially financed by the public.

Which sounds like it should be a go with Kohl fronting 100 million (ashtray money bro), and these guys each fronting another combined 100 million. There will be a lot of pissing and moaning in Milwaukee about a sales tax to come up with the other 200 million but just like with Miller Park, it will come to be. And I for the life of me can't understand why people wouldn't want a new arena. Can you imagine summers without Miller Park? Exactly. But I don't use it! I hate the Bucks! Bring in a hockey team! First of all, SAY HOCKEY ONE MORE TIME ! There will never, EVER be a hockey team in Milwaukee. I'd love it, but it will never happen. The Blackhawks would have to sign off on it and that won't come to pass. They have too many fans in the Milwaukee market. And aside from that, newsflash taxpayers, you pay taxes for A LOT of things you don't ever use. In fact I'd argue you pay taxes on more things you don't use than you do. Plus it's pennies on the dollar. Might cost you $100 a year max. Small price to pay for a project that will produce thousands of local jobs.

Now with all that said, the team itself is obviously in need of an overhaul. Who these guys end up keeping in terms of Larry Drew, John Hammond, etc. will be interesting to watch but I feel like this is definitely going to be a 'bring in The Bobs' situation after a 15 win year. There are parts of the team that aresalvageable. I know everyone is gaga over Giannis and rightfully so with the highlights we'veseen. Will he be an all-star? Will he be another immensely gifted athlete who never takes off a la Tim Thomas? Who knows. But with him, Henson, Wolters, maybe Knight and Larry Sanders I think you've got a decent young core. Hopefully you get the #1 or #2 pick, get a Parker or Wiggins, have another 20 win year and get back in the lottery next year and keep building the OKC Thunder way. And yes I still like Larry Sanders. Obviously a disaster of a year on and off the court but I think he's still a 10 point, 10 rebound, 3 block a game guy. And I'm not worried about the off the court stuff. The laundry list of NBA players who had HOF careers with off the court issues reads like War and Peace. So while we just suffered through a hot mess of a year, I think good(ish) times aren't that far off. It gets better.

Oh and I think if Lasry and Edens do fire John Hammond I've got the GM to turn this franchise around. Bit of a wildcard but I think Mr. Bar Rescue himself Jon Taffer needs to come in and SHUT IT DOWN ! Guy would have the whole franchise resurrected in 42 minutes plus commercial breaks.

*I'd love to sit down with some of the ticket scalpers that still sit outside the Bradley Center on Bucks home games. They are literal Ticket Oaks. Selling tickets for 50 cents on a weekday night. Guys I think you'd make more money buying a crappy saxophone and opening it's case for donations like a common panhandler.

PS: My bet on the Bucks season win total of 32.5 came up JUST short.