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Wild Dad training his kid to be the next football star.

by Jon Henseler

Wussificated Blog: Absolutely abhorrent the way this dad is treating his son. Just shows you how backwards this world is that you're training a child this young by driving your truck next to him while he runs Crocs*. Somebody needs to intervene before this psychopath drives little Yates to the edge and something bad happens.

Non-wussificated blog: Hey say what you will about this dad but when our man Yates here is leading the Crimson Tide to a national title in 2026 and cashing in that first NFL check you can look back at this video as step number 1. Like yeah, it may seem a little much to have a kid who is probably borderline 6 years old running sprints next to your truck Rocky VI style but let's take a gander at the last 7 years of BCS titles:

2006- Florida

2007- LSU

2008- Florida

2009- Alabama

2010- Auburn

2011- Alabama

2012- Alabama

Can't spell 'SEC' without 'child abuse'. Now is there a chance that Yates will grow up to hate his dad  and football? Probably. But there's also a chance of this:

So if I were Yates I'd take my chances. Nothing worse than living life with football regrets. Just ask this guy

*The only thing I found offensive in this video was the Crocs. Like if you're going to really push your son to become a star football player at least give him proper shoes you know? But then I thought, imagine how quick this kid is going to be when he puts on cleats for the first time after training his whole life in Crocs. Next level parenting.

PS: Can't wait for a video to come out when I have a kid of me harassing him to become a better blogger. 'Type faster! Come on you've only got 5 browsers open! Make a Seinfeld reference! Make a Saved by the Bell reference! Act like a tough guy! Who do you want to blog for Deadspin or Grantland!'