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Will Ferrel Harray Caray Lumineers remix of Ho Hey is internet GOLD.

by Jon Henseler

The internet is a weird, wild place my friends. On the one hand it has made us all technological zombies, reliant for information that is spoon fed to us, and overall led to the destruction of any form of social empathy for a generation that has grown up on Facebook and Youtube comment sections. On the other hand it has given us George Takai's Facebook page and this Lumineers Will Ferrell-Harry Caray Ho Hey remix. Today the scales of internet justice tip a little bit to the right. I have no rational explanation as to why this video is hilarious but I laugh every single time I watch it. And when he busts out 'HOT DOGS!' at the :58 mark I sound like George McFly laughing at Jackie Gleason. Put this next to Leroy Jenkins, the Grape Lady and Boom Goes the Dynamite in the internet Hall of Fame.