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Wisco/Minnesota memory taking you into Badger/Gopher, Packer/Viking weekend!

by Jon Henseler

You know what's great about the internet? Limitless pictures of Kate Upton. You know what else? Rediscovering old memories. Like I had TOTALLY forgotten this happened until I saw someone post the link on Facebook yesterday. One of the great endings of all time. I was in college at the time and if I had to guess I'd say 2005 Jon was likely drinking a Colt 45 (2005 Jon had the drinking palette of a vagrant) and losing his mind when this punt was blocked while watching on his sweet 13 inch TV/VCR combo (NBD). Just love the stunned faces of Gopher fans when they realize what happened. That day every single one of their 10,000 lakes was filled with the tears of Gopher fans. Now as for this weekend? Badgers need to win and win convincingly. Last chance to make a statement against a ranked team. Do that and we should be set up for a 10-2 finish and a BCS berth. Hell most every prognosticator out there already has us in either the Sugar or Orange Bowl already, this would seal it. Prediction: Badgers: 42 Gophers: 21 with Frank Kaminsky scoring three touchdowns.

As for the Packer game I think we all know this is the game that will determine what direction the season goes. Win and you might be able to stay afloat until Rodgers gets back. Lose and it's probably curtains. Just getting set for the morning show and Packers trivia today I was looking back at old Packer/Viking notes for a trivia question; didn't realize that the Favre/Packer matchup in 2009 was the highest rated game in MNF history (ESPN history). From Favre versus Rodgers to Tolzien versus Ponder. Downgrade city, population everyone. Prediction: Packers 28, Vikings 17 with Frank Kaminsky scoring a touchdown and kicking a field goal. Oh and stumbled on this too; HE DID WHAT?!