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Wisconsin Spring Game Dance Off is As Advertised

by Jon Henseler

So I guess this is a spring game tradition at Wisconsin? A mid field dance off between a fan and a player. Had absolutely no clue mainly because I've never watched or been concerned with the UW Spring Game before*. But this dance off has absolutely put it on my radar for next season. Just flat out electric. And I couldn't help but feel bad for whoever #17 is but he got abosolultely WORKED by the first move from rolled up jeans kid. Duck walk followed by a Hogan-esque ripping off of his own shirt. So primal. #17 never knew what hit him. Kid ran through him like 4th meal through a small intestine. Flawless victory in every sense of the word. Can't wait to bust out that move at the next wedding I'm invited to (crashing as the head of a maple syrup conglomerate). Absolutely hijack the entire grand march.

*That sentence is a pretty good summation of why we will never be the SEC or Alabama. You think there is even a single citizen within 200 miles of Tuscaloosa who doesn't know when 'Bama's spring game is? For sure not. But they also don't have baseball, a decent college basketball team or the internet to distract them.

PS: Don't want Evan Anderson involved in this next year, NEED Evan Anderson involved in this next year.

Double PS: If Aliens come to our planet and want one, single picture to best describe what a male in Wisconsin looks like this has to be it right? Rolled up jeans, slightly chubby from a diet of PBR and cheese curds and the skin complexion of Pop N' Fresh. And without a trace of self consciousness. He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can't look away .