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Woman in the middle of TV interview in Oklahoma finds her dog alive.

by Jon Henseler

Not a lot to add to this one folks. Obviously a horrifying situation in Oklahoma. Legitimately looks like a bomb went off. A lot of people are dead and what's even more depressing is that some of those people were just kids. Heartbreak city. So this isn't going to make things better but it certainly is a little silver lining. Ironic that we were just blogging about Shadow from Homeward Bound because this is pretty much the exact sort of ending. Unreal. I hope this woman and Bouncy find some peace soon.

PS: There is a longer video on CBS News' website where they show these two walking off and it is a flat out testament to dog mentality. Literally Bouncy shakes the cobwebs off and walks away with his tail wagging. Like I'd love to live with dog mentality for one day of my life. This little guy's house is rubble and he's been trapped under a pile of debris. Think he cares? For sure not! He's alive and he's got his person. Dogs just doing the damn thing per usual.