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Women with the classiest wedding march you'll see today.(NSFW language)

by Jon Henseler

Class on top of class on top of class. I mean I didn't think we'd ever top the viral 'JK Wedding Entrance ' to 'Forever' but to quote Lee Corso; not so fast my friends! The only downer here was that they couldn't get Buckcherry to actually be there live to do the song. They've been pretty irrelevant since this song came out in 2006 and could probably have used a viral video to relaunch their career. If ever there was a circumstance where their standards met this group's finances now was it. But nobody likes a Monday Morning Quarterback. Overall I give this a 9/10.

PS: How much to you want to bet Walter White catered the reception?

Double PS: Love this guy in the front row when he realizes what's going on. Just desperately trying to throw some earmuffs on Minkus here. Don't worry pop, this will be the best education that little guy could ever have hoped for. Plus taking a look around, he probably should have seen the writing on the wall. It's like that scene in Training Day when Jake agrees to play cards at the Mexican gang house. You just knew it wasn't going to go well.