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World War II Vets Take Over Their Memorial in DC Despite Shutdown

by Jon Henseler

My favorite story in a long, long time. Oh there's a government shutdown? Our National parks are closed until further notice? World War II Vets who flew across the country can't see their memorial? Pffffft. Try again folks! I mean you really think a group of guys that battled Hitler's army, liberated concentration camps, stormed the beaches of Normandy and fought the war in the Pacific are going to let some barricades and velvet ropes stop them from seeing their memorial? For sure not. As far as I'm concerned these guys should have just kept going straight to Congress and taken that over too. Probably get more accomplished before Matlock than our officials get done in years. Also I live in a world where this was blaring as they crossed over to their memorial:

PS: Love this tweet. 'The Vets have control of the memorial.' No kidding they do.