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Yes Brett Favre does lift bro.

by Jon Henseler

So this picture popped up on the internet yesterday and is literally everywhere right now. Brett Favre looking like a hybrid of Papa Smurf, pre cosmetic surgery Kenny Rogers with a dash of Tim Allen circa The Santa Clause. But the thing that shocked me the most the traveling gun show Brett's rocking. Dude looks like the Mayor of Swole City. Him and Kenny Bania could be tag team champs in a heartbeat. 'We've been working out, yeah we're huge.'

PS: Go to ESPN's NFL page and click on stats for QBs. Tell me present day Zeus Favre isn't better than half of them right now. You can't! Like obviously he doesn't measure up with the Mannings or Rodgers or Brady's anymore but I'd take Brett Favre over Geno Smith 110 times out of 100. To be fair though I'd probably take Doug Pederson over Geno Smith 70 times out of 100. But still the point remains...

Double PS: Retire his damn jersey already.