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Yovani Gallardo with a moment that rescues the month of May.

by Jon Henseler

So in case you missed it last night and don't have access to milwaukeebrewers.com, read the paper or watch the news, here's what went down in the Brewer game last night (Strange Brew: all the content of any other site on the internet with semi-humorous takes that you probably don't read!). Pretty awesome moment that saw Yovani Gallardo come on as a pinch hitter to win the game in the 10th. This video has all three calls, Brian Anderson on FSN, Joe Block on radio and my personal favorite, the Orioles TV team. Orioles broadcasters calling it like it was an NPR broadcast while the Brewers guys are calling it like it was the Antonio Freeman catch on MNF against the Vikings years ago. HE DID WHAT?!

Anyhow as soon as this went down I says to myself, 'Jon!', I says to myself, 'when is the last time a pitcher came on to pinch hit a walk-off?' I was honestly thinking this was going to be one of those graphics on Sportscenter where it had a date from the dead ball era and one of those old baseball names that was basically a nickname with a first or last name. Three Finger Brown or Sweet Feet Pete or something like that. Turns out that not only was it not that long ago, but it was also a Brewer game and player! Glendon Rusch in 2003. Now under normal circumstances it would be advisable to stay out of sentences that involve '2003 Brewers' or 'Glendon Rusch' but this is the exception to the rule. Now hopefully we can close the book on both. Big day in the Rusch household though. First time he's been on the sports page since the bottom fell out of the housing market.

PS: The more I thought about this moment the more it didn't seem that crazy I guess. Yo has been a pretty decent hitter (for a pitcher) for most of his career. And honestly our bench is PUTRID. Like in a 'need to get a hit to save my life situation' I'm probably taking Yo over both Elian Herrera and Irving Falu. Hell I might take Hank the Dog over those two.

Double PS: I know it's been another rocky month of May with gut-punch losses and a flood of injuries but comparing this to last May isn't even close. Last May we went about 6-40 and sunk our season before school was out for the summer. This May has seen a TON of injuries but we're still sitting at 11-14 for the month and in first place. So yeah it hasn't been pleasant but I don't see the parallel. It'd be like comparing the Titanic to the Andrea Doria .