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The Delete Your Facebook movement heats up

by Lunchbox

Facebook recently made some changes, that you might not be aware of, that might scare the hell out of you.

Have you heard of Facebook's new "Listening" feature on their mobile app? It allows them to turn on your microphone and camera to record what's going on around you at any time. So it can record songs that may be playing, games you might be enjoying, TV shows you watch, or who you're talking to in "real life". They claim this is so they can match advertising to you better. Which sounds plausible...but still creepy as hell.

Watch these actors convince these people that they're old friends using only their public Facebook info:

As the public has learned from apps like Snapchat, any data that actually leaves your phone, gets stored somewhere. Snapchat users were dismayed to discover that the photos they send are permanently stored not just to the servers, but to the phone of the person you send them to.

So when Facebook says that the data its mining through your cell phone's microphone and camera "doesn't leave your phone", they're lying pretty hard. Because in order to identify the songs, video games, and shows that it can record, it has to send that info out. Actually, here's a really good breakdown of the whole thing:

Now does all of this information mean that everyone is going to drop Facebook right now? No. Your aunt and grandma will still hold onto it for a LONG time. Even I will probably hold onto my Facebook for a little while. But my attention is now had. I've already found myself using Twitter more often, and I'm constantly on Reddit, so it's probably just a matter of time until I'm done with Facebook.

Also, if you did make it through the second video, try reading Alan Moore's V For Vendetta before you watch the theatrical version. I'm not saying that the movie isn't good, but the book has more depth.