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Eating Flip Flops

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I had a dream I was eating my flip flops. I was cutting him up with a knife and chewing them up, and they were quite yummy! Then I got mad at myself because they were my favorite pair. So I had to walk around with half eaten flip flops. Bobby, Tampa, FL

Lauri: We eat the strangest things in dreams, I tell you! So lets start with your diet. Have you changed it? Do you need to? Are you "flip flopping" on your diet? If not, then what else have you flip flopped on recently? I live in Florida too and flip flops are the standard footwear here so it may be more about what shoes in general mean than it does about the type of shoe. That being said, your dream seems to be suggesting that a direction you were headed in, and the steps you were taking to get there, is now not as viable or useful to you... incomplete, just as your flip flops were half eaten. You wound up getting mad at yourself in the dream over something that was initially exciting. What can you relate that too in your real life?

Bobby replies:
I did take on a new career / partnership opportunity very recently that I was excited about but now regret because they are the wrong partners. It does not feel complete at all. I know for a fact Im going have to start from scratch again. I do get mad at myself when I cannot deal with others slacking when I'm trying to get stuff accomplished.

Lauri replies: Just as you would eventually have to get new flip flops in your dream, I think this dream is showing you that your current partners are not very useful and will not get you where you need to go. Dont let this eat away at you anymore. Time for new ones!

FASCINATING SLEEP FACT: According to data gathered by Twitter, 11:39 PM is the average U.S. bedtime.

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