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Sand Poured Out of Me

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed that my body was cracking open and sand was pouring out of me. The weirdest part was I was kind of half awake and swear I could really feel the sand coming out of me. I need a dream interpreter! Or maybe just a trip to the beach.   – Michaella 37, Charlotte, NC

Lauri:  That’s a neat dream, actually! The sand pouring out of you may suggest that you are feeling depleted in some way. Are you financially depleted? Emotionally depleted or are you running out of energy? Or perhaps it is time that is running out, not unlike the sand in an hour glass. Do you feel you are running out of time to accomplish something? If this was last night, you should be able to connect it to something from yesterday. I also want you to think about the fact that your body cracked open. Have you broken down and given in to something or somebody? Or do you need to just "hold it together" as you deal with certain pressure? I can't help but feel the dream may be telling you to just let something go.

Michaella replies: Wow. That is spot on. I am amazed by that interpretation, especially considering you have no idea of my current situation. I had a boyfriend from my high school who wasn't that good to me. We reconnected on Facebook and over the past year I found our new friendship to be incredibly toxic for me and yesterday I realized, after seeing his most recent post on Facebook, that it was unhealthy for me to try to be friends with him. This has been weighing heavily on my mind for months and it finally felt like the right time to click "unfriend". I am simultaneously in the middle of selling my boutique that I built from the ground up and invested all my efforts in for the past 5 years. So I am just in a time of change and flux and letting go is a big theme right now.

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