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Food, Gardening, Kids-Commodities and Planting - It's YOUR AGRI-Business

by Mark Brown

Still headlines about crop replanting, prices sagging, but ours is a show about hope; passing the torch and helping others understand Agriculture in South Dakota and surrounding states.

Rick Shields our Mid-west Communications Farm Director joins us....he'll interrupt the mid-west and the national stage ---

Matt Knippling---SDSU -- IGROW.org shares what's trending this week.

Jamie Crew--SD Ag Marketer---explains Instagrams that have just started --- and important headlines across South Dakota.

The Starks -- after a short week last week are on the road ---they are in Minnesota for a conference. They have left some notes and we'll share from Howalt McDowell.

Roger DeRouchey--Plains Commerce in Mitchell updates the financials and farm friendly stuff from town and country in the Mitchell, Aberdeen, areas.

Rock Nelson starts our communication on Food and the importance in South Dakota.

Rock is the International Trade Leader for the Sioux Falls Chamber, Sioux Falls and South Dakota. Our guest is Kurt Loudenbach--Grand Prairie Food--with more insight on food thru the state of South Dakota--hitting international tables as well.

Tim Olsen--Ground Works shares the teaching garden model that includes support from SDSU Extension Service --- and other businesses. Dell Rapids, Lennox, Sioux Falls, and Rapid City are on board as is Walt Bones--long time Secretary of Agriculture in South Dakota.

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kamingk Commodities has updates on the trending market place in advance of his 11:30 Commodity Reporting.

Craig Markhardt Advana Mortgage has the loan snapshot of the day. Todd Neuberger of Edward Jones has the Main Street to Wall Street report.

Kim Dillion---Crop Reporting for SDSU looks at replanting --prices and other issues that affect all of us from the grocery aisles to the tractor seats.