Get the FAQs

Be Informed

Bridal shows can be fun and informative as long as you go prepared and with the right attitude. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to get you ready for this year's show.

What should I wear?

Comfortable shoes! You will be doing a lot of walking and standing so be dressed comfortably as well. Also it is advisable to be layered! You may be too hot with all of the people present, or be too cold when away from the large crowd.

Can I bring someone with me?

Absolutely! You may want to consider bringing your mother, fiancé, maid of honor, or all three to bounce ideas off of. Bringing children is advised against. Remember, other guests are attending to get as much information as they can and have fun. Not everyone is receptive to children running around while they are talking to the vendors. If you do bring children, be prepared for them as well. Bring small activities to keep them occupied as they will likely get bored easily.

Should I bring a notebook or pad and pen?

Yes, it is fairly certain you are going to see something you had not thought of or perhaps you will want the name of a designer of a wedding gown during the fashion show.

Do I need to visit every vendor?

Yes, they can tell you other people they work with and who they recommend. Take everyone's literature, even if you think you have no use for it. It is better to have it on hand in the event you change your mind.

Is there a fashion show?

Yes. In fact due to popular demand, The Sheboygan Bridal Showcase 2014 will feature two fashion shows! One at 5:45pm and the second at 7:30pm. No need to see both as they'll feature the same fashion, however it's still a good idea to grab a seat early as you will want a great spot to view your show. Also if purchasing advanced tickets at Bridal Essence, make sure to specify which fashion show you'd like to attend.

Is there anything I should or shouldn't expect?

You should expect to have a good time and pick up some great ideas for your wedding. You should never expect to be pressured in to getting something you don't want or need. Expect to talk to other brides. They are in the same boat as you, so to speak. Talking to other brides may also get you some new great ideas for your wedding!

Should I accept information from non-show vendors?

You may be approached at some shows by people passing out their business cards in a subtle manner. You may be handed a flyer or card by someone standing outside the venue. You may have a bridal show "special" on your windshield when you get back to your car. All of these people have skirted the rules and requirements for participating as an official vendor of the show. In most cases, they may be unlicensed or out to make a quick buck. The actual vendors at the show are giving you their information at their assigned tables. anywhere else is not acceptable. If you are approached by someone inside the venue who does not appear on the show program or is not an official vendor, please let one of the official vendors know. They will take care of it. It is not worth your time, or your trouble.